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A True Story of Mental Illness, Murder, and Reconciliation

On a sultry summer afternoon,

Benny Malone’s world flew wildly out of control,

and life as she had known it ended abruptly.

Benny and her husband, Rob, were well educated, healthy, loving parents rearing two smart, handsome sons in a suburban neighborhood in Houston, Texas. You probably would have thought all was well with the Malone family . . . but it wasn’t.

Bloodstained rugs in their kitchen, yellow crime scene tape across the front of their home, and a media frenzy in their front yard belied the horrific event that had happened. In a moment of psychotic rage, their twenty-four-year-old son, Chris, had attacked Benny and Rob, injuring Benny severely and killing Rob. And neighbors stood in stunned silence as three screaming ambulances sped away carrying Benny, Rob, and Chris to different hospitals.

In Psychotic Rage! author Benny Malone tells her painful story to offer encouragement and hope to parents and families of the mentally ill. She provides practical resources and proven principles to help people hold on during the roller coaster ride. And she gives hope for relief and healing for those who suffer as Chris suffers from a terrible, deadly illness named Psychosis that often leaves families shattered and grieving. 

Faith, hope, and encouragement keep me going—

one step at a time, one day at a time.

I wish the same for you and your family.

Benny Malone

Recipient of the Texas Counseling Association

2015 Professional Writing Award 

 Highly recommended as a valuable resource for mental health professionals to use with clients

Psychotic Rage!

Benny Malone